Alarm wire

The alarm wire attached at the main panel ground/nuetral bar.

Should this be called out? What problem can this setup cause if any?

Are they not supposed to install there own ground outside of the panel?

101807 049 (Small).jpg

You could mention it, but the double taps should be enough to defer to an electrician for further review.



The panel was installed 9 years ago. Was it required then to seperate the ground & nuetrals at the bars?

Reguardless, it has been observed to be unsafe, we are not code enforcement.

FYI, my house is 14 years old, and it wasn’t code then, but I have AFCI’s.




I really can’t tell in that picture but I will say this for educational purposes only. The alarm company will want to bond to the service enclosure neutral buss, at the ground rod if available or similar to reduce potential between the two systems.

if this is a neutral to power their alarm system itself and it is by itself running into the enclosure then it is wrong and as tom stated add it to the list to defer…is it likely to really cause a problem…probably not but cover your one butt and make statement about it.

Again I just can’t see well enough in that picture to make an other comment regarding it.

If you are asking when they required that no grounded conductors can share a termination with another grounded conductor or a grounding ( bonding ) conductor…then that dates back the UL 67 standard well before the NEC started to really pick it up with it’s own section in 2002.

If you are asking in regards to isolated grounded conductor buss bar in a remote distribution panel ( subpanel ) then that goes back well before 9 years ago.