Albanian speaking inspector needed.

Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 8:29 AM
Subject: albanian speaking inspectors in htfd. ct. area

To whomever,

I have a client whose english is minimal and would greatly be helped by an inspector that speaks Albanian, do you know of any? If so please contact me ASAP I need to move forward in the next ten days.

*Thank You and looking forward to a reply, *

*Carolyn Marino Century 21 Access America *

Wethersfield, Ct. 06108

This agent may be better served looking for a translator, rather than an Albanian speaking inspector.

Sheese… is it just me, or did anyone else feel this to be on the **rude **side?
(nope… I’m not having a bad day, either) :smiley:

Translators cost a lot of money. Like any good used house salesman knows, there are hundreds of home inspectors out here who will do anything for $125.:wink:


There are probably numerous inspectors calling Rosetta Stone to get a CD overnighted to their residence-----:lol:

That would give them 9 days to be able too perform the inspection as requested cutting each others throats for the $125 bucks----:lol:

I’ve been to Alabama maybe I could help…:|.) </IMG>