Alberta conditional license issue

Hello, fellow members,
I am quite new in home inspection. I am wondering if I can not finish 25 fee paid inspections by September 1st, do you still have chance to get conditional license? and how government get to know how many home inspections I have made?
Thank you very much.

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In answer to your first question, the way things now stand is if you do not have the 25 fee paid inspections by September 1st, you would have to enroll in the Carson Dunlop course to get your permanent license. After September 1st, the conditional license will not be available. We still have not received an answer from the government about whether or not the InterNACHI courses will be accepted for permanent license.
In answer to your last question, big brother is watching…

Fred , it states on the conditional license application you need proof of the 25 paid inspections, whether you forward them PDF or by mail or affidavit I am not sure, this is an unanswered question , but there is an info number on the application kit you can call, now is not the time for pulling a fast one , licensing is an effort to legitimize the industry as a profession .

Hello Mr. Yu.
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You will also need a peer review Mr. Yu.
To get your license in Alberta you must successfully pass a peer reviewed on site inspection.
If I am not mistaken by a CMI, certified master inspector.

Here is a link.
Go to #1: post MR. Yu.
Ask the man that made this possible. Vern Mitchinson.
Thank him to Mr. Yu.:slight_smile:

All inspectors that are not CMI’s will have to have 25 inspections and a peer review.
What I recommend is contacting a CMI that is certified to to do the peer review using InterNACHI’s procedure.
Go to to find a CMI in your area.
You can have the CMI review your inspection for a fee paying client as long as the client agrees with the CMI proctoring the inspection.
Any time I’ve been involved in this situation the client was pleased that they were getting two inspectors for the price of one.
It’s a very good way to get your peer review and you will be doing a real inspection and thats as good as it gets.

I hope all the previous 25 or more were also!!! Or what did the client pay for??

Whats interesting about your comment MacNiesh is that CAHPI MEMBER GOT THE BIGGEST FINE IN CANADIAN HISTORY.
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I spoke with Scott hood the other day about submitting my 25 fee paid inspections. They would like a list with the clients Name, phone number and address of the property you inspected. This list is sent in with the application and proof that you completed your peer reveiw. You also need a letter listing your expereince and credentials.

It is to bad that those who have been doing inspection for a long time and could be a CMI did not read and take Verns advice to get their CMI.
They might have found out how much the public respects the CMIs and seen an increase in Business . where all three are CMIs

Thank all of you, now I have a clue.