Alberta E&O

I just negotiated a $500.00 reduction for my E&O through my broker. I have been using this same broker for my insurance needs (all of them) for over 20 years. They are excellent. The policy is underwritten by the Totten Group, who pretty much underwrites all E&O insurance for home inspectors in Canada. Same as HUB, except that this is an Alberta company.

I told my broker if he made me happy, I would tell everyone else about it, so that is what I am doing. The more HIs he signs up, the more he is able and prepared to negotiate with Totten for better rates for us. So if you are an ALberta inspector, call him up.

Broker is located in Edmonton.
Marc Ricard
Sadler Insurance, 10808 82 Ave, Edmonton
(780) 433-4426