Alberta InterNACHI AGM meeting on November 5, 2012.

The Alberta Government has indicated they will be having a stakeholder’s meeting sometime soon. At that time they will be looking for information from home inspectors on how the first year of licensing has gone. To that end, we have made up a little questionnaire for AlbertaNACHI chapter members to fill out at our AGM on Nov. 5. We will also be putting aside some time at that meeting for discussion on this so that when we go to Service Alberta’s meeting we will have the information from our members to present to the powers that be…

You can get a preview of the questions we will be asking at this site:

So, come to the AGM prepared.

We are also having proctored final exams for all members that have completed their InterNACHI courses and want to write the final exams. These exams will be written at the Quality Inn on Nov 4 2012.
To register click on Dan’s name in the above message and leave a private message.
All licenced HI’s that want to convert their interim licence to a permanent licence should also register with Dan to write this exam.