Alberta License Regulation Changes.

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At the Red Deer meeting in July, Scott Hood indicated that the government would consider changes to the licenses regulations.
Keeping this in mind, lets start putting down what changes could be made to the regulations now in place to benefit the inspector and the consumer.
I under stand InterNachi are working on making changes to inspector training to meet the government requirements.
My concern is the need for bonding and it will have to be explained at greater depth by Scott to make me believe it is necessary.
No changes will be made before Sept 1. to what is in place now so lets live with it.
Other than noted above (education & bonding) what changes would you like to see made to the regulations and the benefit to the changes.

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At least 5 inspections with a CMI or RHI would be my first recomendation. I did 21 with Dale Finessy before I was turned out on the unsuspecting public. These would be like a ride along but on the 4th and 5th the student would become the teacher. I would have it so the student would still be going out on his own but at least he would have a better understanding as to how and why we inspect. Because the CMI is being paid by the client a smaller fee could be charged for the last two because that is where the CMI woul be doing most of the teaching and reporting on the student.

I wrote on another thread. After Sept.1. a person needs approved training, test inspection & insurance. The test inspection can be mock. Nothing supervised at a fee paying inspection.
Yes, I strongly agree there must be some shadowing. When I started, I shadowed an inspector & then he shadowed me on a number of fee paid inspections.
Also, along the training thought, will the approved schools be required to explain the new regulations, contract & insurance requirements, before the “would be” inspectors put down there money.
Chuck McKenna at Red Deer, when talking about insurance rates, cost was based on experience. What will the insurance cost be for new inspectors, would they be treated like teenage male drivers?
The government should have one of their “Tip Sheets” for “would be” inspectors explaining how the regulations work & to check out the insurance cost & availability of a bond (not all persons can get a bond) before spending a lot of time & money on training. Also, require training schools to have the “Tip Sheet” on the schools web site as a condition of approval.

I know at HUB a new inspector with no training or experiance pays approx. $3300.00 per year for E&O and general liability. The bond is on top of this. I paid 2,450.00 last year for mine. I needed to bump my E&O by $250,000 to conform but the cost was minimal. I think she said $28.00 for the year.
A tip sheet for Newbies would be a great idea. When I started 2 years ago it would have been nice to know that we may get licensed. I heard a rumor about three months after I started but that was it. I am not B***hing just stating a point.LOL I think any new home inspector needs to be well informed before making his or her final decision.
I also beleive that the bond is a joke. And why $10,000! I could see maybe $1000.00 just in case but that is it. The only thing it protects is if we walk on the inspection after we get paid. I have never made $10,000.00 on an inspection but I guess the sky is the limit.

I thought inspections in Loyd were 10,000$ a piece, LOL .

Close, only after you add the GST!!!

If $2,450.00 is not a mistake for a bond. Check with Chuck McKenna, he is quoting $125.00 for a bond.
I was told by Kim Smith that the $10,000.00 bond was the lowest you could get.
One inspector I know is providing a letter of credit from his bank rather than a bond, he says it will cost less.
One of the problems with some of the regulations is how they where developed & why. Vern has said before that his dealings where behind closed doors and on the condition he did not divulge what was talked about.
There may be a legitimate reason for the bond but as you say, $1,000.00 may be adequate.

Sorry maybe I misspokeM E and O and general liability: $$2450.00 + 500.00 for a three year bond

Talked to Chuck yesterday and he said that bonding is now 300,00 for 3 years