Alberta Licensing and CAHPI

Hello everyone, just thought I would bring this to the attention on the membership that CAHPI has sent out an few emails regarding the licensing in Alberta as of September 1, 2011 to the realtors stating that the licensing is coming and make sure that you have a CAHPI inspector(RHI) to perform the inspections.
Are we as a group(Especially Alberta Nachi) going to send out our own emails to the realtors stating that CAHPI is not the only association for home inspector and just clarify that.
Not sure if anyone has brought this up already but I thought it was pretty important, because the way the email is written it makes it out that CAHPI is the association for licensed home inspectors.
Thanks Very Much
Geoff Latham / REI & Co

You should send this directly to Nachi Reply or

DO NOT send any notification that CAPHI is not the only recognized association. That’s like saying “me too”.

It’s bogus and plays into their hands that they are top dog and everyone else is trying to play catch up, or worse yet, lying. Put no doubts in anyone’s minds. Do not even mention CAPHI iin any correspondence.

Mention the law, its effective date, etc.
Mention that InterNACHI is the only professional home inspection association with a laundry list of requirements, education, etc.
Mention thhat our professional inspectors are among the best in the industry.
Mention our member ranks.
Mention our International Status.
Mention our place in the industry, globally.
State that our inspectors are qualified and compliant with the licensing law.

That important fact is all that really matters.

DO NOT mention CAPHI. The only way they become significant is if we pay attention to them and give them credibility. Answering their letter gives it legitimacy. It also creates a discussion point for Board of Realtor meetings.