Alberta New Home Warranty Act

As of February 1, 2014 new homes in Alberta will be required to have a warranty by the Alberta Government Obamacare, make that Albertacare for houses

Thanks for the Info

.Good for Alberta be interesting to see how well it works… Roy

Most new homes already have a warranty, Alberta Government is famous for leading from behind :slight_smile:

I will say Erik I do like the way they have laid out there website with video throughout. Each are just over one minute and it is a good example of what a Home Inspector should do on there websites.

They did so.
Which reminds me of an Alberta video fail :wink: A few years back they had a video made about what a great province Alberta was, about 2/3s of the way in is a picture of little girls on a beach. Turns out that pic was taken on the North Sea in the UK(!!).
To make it completely ironical, Alberta is one of the only two landlocked provinces or territories in Canada. It is true that there are some lakes here, and some of them are more than two feet deep as well. And You can actually see water and sand for at least five months out of twelve, provided somebody trucked in some sand…

Thanks for the chuckle love it… Roy

Agreed LOL

What most of the waterfront in Alberta REALLY look likes, pic taken May 5, 2013:mrgreen: