Aldehyde gas

Hello all,
I was wondering if anyone has done any research on this type of gas (the result of burning fuel oil). There a a lot of articles on the internet, but most seem to ultimately steer towards CO. Is aldehyde gas less of an issue?
Here in Nova Scotia the majority of out heat comes from oil fueled furnaces and boilers and my concern is to whether possible combustion spillage is something that should be looked more closely at during an inspection.
I know of inspectors in the states that use CO detectors during there inspections, and would like to know if there is any equipment available to test for aldehyde gas in the air and around chimneys.
Thank you in advance.

That is way beyond the standards of practice… are you shure you want to go there?
How about leaving that to the experts

Hi Douglas,

The CMI I trained with in Denver tests all homes for gas leakage at furnace and piping using a TIF8800. I thought this might be something that could be tested easily with the right equipment.


I had a Tiff, I got rid of it.

Pipe dope can give you false readings.

Trust your nose.

To each their own I guess
I follow the SOP.
Many have said that if you do go beyond the SOP where do you stop?


I agree with Doug follow the sop… Roy

Usually not a problem from combustion in residential indoor IAQ.

Formaldehyde (not from combustion) is the one that has caused problems with some large payouts by housing manufacturers.

Thanks for the feedback.