Alert: Able Mobile Housing

Don’t know if you guys know this company. They rent trailers to people who have been displaced from their homes to to fire, flood, etc. I was contacted by them to inspect a trailer in Monmouth, IL because the couple using it had moved back home after fire restoration work was done. I completed my inspection early in October of this year. Now, nearly 3 months later I’ve not been paid. Repeated phone calls and emails have had no result, except that yesterday I was told not to expect a check until they get paid from some large account. My check was in a box with others waiting for release. Don’t know if this is true or not. Just wanted to give you a “head’s up”.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone do any work for them unless you’re paid in advance.

Ron Green

Always get paid before you give anyone the inspection. 4 points or Roof condition get paid in cash in advance.

i have made that thing a policy , payment first . . . !!!
many clients do these kind of things specially those whom work is little or the payment is low they never pay after .

Thanks for the heads up. Got a call from them a little bit ago and they wanted me to do an inspection. Thought I would check here for any infor. Found what I needed!
Thanks again - appreciate you taking the time to post this.

Hey Ed V. …tell them you will do it for cash up front…and as soon as they pay Ron Green for his work!!!

This was almost 6 years ago for you but I just had the exact experience in Oct 2015, after multiple calls and blow-offs, I finally received a check which was returned NSF this month. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

LOL they are making the rounds

I always do a Google search on prospective clients. Amazing what you’ll find.

In my state passing bad checks is against the law. Turn it over to the prosecutor.