ALERT:Flooding threatens I-75 bridge at Santa Fe; closure possible

FDOT: “Floridians that are traveling should avoid the area if possible.”

“The Santa Fe River under Interstate 75 has risen 15 feet in the past 36 hours because of rainfall from Hurricane Irma, prompting concerns that the interstate may have to be shut down.”

If you have family and friends heading south let them know.
I-75, US-441 and other highways that cross the Santa Fe river most likely will be closed.
The Santa Fe is the county line with Alachua, Columbia and Gilchrist counties here in north Florida.
It is to rise at historic levels.
I-75 is beyond capacity as of now it is at a crawl. I truly feel sorry for anyone on I-75 . This is going to plug all the other corridors up.

They has closed US 441 and US 27.
I’m trying to figure out how to get around all this for my inspection tomorrow.

Here is the closure map.

Crap another punch from Irma. … won’t help with stuff like this…

Long story, but we went to Orlando Monday morning and got back around 9:30 last night…I was shocked to see the Santa Fe that high and never would have thought it could flood 75, when we crossed it had about a foot to go

The radio just said it was beginning to recede.
It’s been a pain in th a*ss for me.
I had to drive 50 plus miles out of the way to get to today’s inspection.