Alert:U.S. Chamber of Commerce has gotten behind in processing new InterNACHI members

*Dear Federation Partner: *

We appreciate your submission of new and/or dropped member files in the past week, but are not able to process files at this time. Per the below e-mail announcement sent Friday, e***ffective immediately, we will not be accepting monthly new or dropped member lists between now and early summer, as the U.S. Chamber is working to build a better system of accepting and processing your small business member data. We will be building and testing the new system over the next 5-6 months. Therefore, we ask that your organization accumulate your new and dropped members during this time. We will contact all partners in 4-6 months to request your accumulated files of new and dropped members. *

Thanks for your support and valuable partnership. We look forward to improving the program for your organization.

All InterNACHI members are members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

You said you thought you could also get the Canadians listed in the Canadian Chamber of Comerence .
Have you had any more thoughts on this .
Thanks Roy

I’m close to dumping this idea as we just don’t see members using the FED EX deal and I’m about to cut one direct with FED EX that will be even better.