My neighbor woke up a couple days ago with these damaged areas on his roof. Nobody heard a thing. For a few hours the evening it happened, they were away from the house.

Any ideas what caused this?

First thing that comes to mind is raccoons but what were they after? The room below has vaulted ceilings so no attic. We do have coons here but rarely see them. Near this damage is a vining plant that would give access to the roof. The holes in the roof were directly above an exterior wall and followed the wall elevation from west to east. No signs of claw or teeth marks on the sheathing below but as you can see whatever it was, it dug through the comp roof, building paper but caused no damage to the sheathing.

Looking forward to all your thoughts :slight_smile:

Maybe a raccoon

bouncing meteor? :stuck_out_tongue:

That surely was a BEAR:shock::smiley:

I was looking for damage on neighboring homes from the other landing gear of this alien spacecraft.

But seriously, what could have caused this damage?


Interesting…Hadn’t thought of that one…

It’s possible.

Though you’d think there would be some type of physical evidence left of *whatever *caused the damage.

Maybe some fool was trying to find a creative way to break in. Tear into the attic and then to the interior through the attic access. No alarms in the roof decking.:twisted:

Maybe. These areas are directly visible from the street. Never know.

prolly an endangered attic beaver

attic beaver1.JPG

attic beaver.JPG

Any kids with remote Planes?

are the spaces between the damage same measurement?

Now that’s interesting…did you find anything in the attic space? You’d think an animal would have possibly smelled something and tried to get in.

My first thought was someone trying to break in…but even then, the spacing seems pretty uniform. Weird one!

Raccoon is a good possibility (Moma looking for her baby?):

Not that I know of.

Not sure exactly Wayne but I could go over and get the measurements. What was your thinking here?

That was my thinking also but there is no attic here, bedroom below has vaulted ceilings.

maybe a home owner trying to get the insurance company to replace his old tired roof…

Kids using a a ladder with stand offs