All Breakers on left side of bus

I inspected a panel that had all the breakers on the left side of the bus bar, except for the a/c breaker. I have always seen the panel balanced with breakers on both side of the bus bar. Is this a problem? There are 19 breakers on the one side.

Thank you


Not really…ODD but not really a problem as the bar to these breakers is staggard ( or it SHOULD be ) anyway.

Thank you I didn’t think it was a problem. Home owners father in law was concerned. Thank you.

It only would have been a prblem if they were on the same side and skipped every other breaker.


Why would this be a problem?

The service should be able to handle this installation, grant it odd but the Ungrounded Conductor will have no problem handling it and the “Grounded” conductor should be sized fine to handle it. Only because if skipped you are looking at like…10 breakers only…lol if on one side.

We are not talking about massive unbalanced issues like in 3 phase systems in this case.

In his case…would not be possible with todays 42 OCPD limitations . Now in 2008 the 42 OCPD limitations will be removed from what I understand and then could be possible issues. But it is the responsibility of the EC to calculate the loads before applying the service…now how many actually do that is always a issue.

I would like to see this…

lol…Steven I did see a guy one time make a attempt to put EVERYTHING on one leg of the service. I mean he skipped every other one and did the same on each side and only had 20 breakers in the panel but they were all on one leg.

Because in order to do this they were single breakers and limited to 15 and 20 circuits it was not as much a problem...but COULD be I guess if someone did it for a reason and then made an effort to overload the circuits but again you REALLY have to work at it.

I asked him WHY he did that and he said to me in a straight face, " I thought that if you only had 120V loads they all had to be on the same phase"…My reply was…NOPE…:slight_smile:

Saw a 3 phase 208 the person had skipped every third breaker .
Worked but wrote it up as needing immediate replacement .
What some people will try and do to save a dollar.
Roy Cooke

Yeah…like I said before… on 3 phase you can have some serious issues when someone does that and it can play HAVOC on the transformer trying to deal with it.

Now compound that if the transformer is a “on-site” model and sized by the EC, now unbalance it and WHAMO…rapid transformer replacements will be needed.

Not so much the case in single phase because we are limited…RIGHT now anyway…

I’ve seen the ‘skip’ the high leg often in some commercial installations. Did you flag this because it was only a single phase install?


You better see them “skip” the high leg every time if this is center tapped delta. Usually they install a single phase panel for the 120v

lol…I can picture it now greg…they use a 3 phase panel and SKIP breakers and put all the 120V ( intended anyway ) on the 208 High Leg and WHAMO…

Who gets that BILL…

We have a lot of “2 transformer” red leg in Naples. You have to be careful.

No up here we have in industry a lot of three phase 4 wire system star hook up 120 volt to neutral 208 between any two legs.
We also in industry use a lot of 347/600 volt systems .
The only place 440 volt is used is in the auto plants.

Roy Cooke

That would be an unbalanced panel. Good practice is to have each phase balanced.


Thats a MAJOR problem in our “Electrical” industry as believe it or not many electricians don’t even know how to properly balance a panel and size a transformer properly in order to keep from overloading a phase, causing premature failure of the transformer.

While this is not a problem in Single Phase in regards to the original question here because of the skipping of busses, in 3 phase a situation like greg stated can be a NASTY beast and can go for years without someone knowing…other than simply replacing transformers and leaving the head office scratching their heads.

Any good electrician can in a very few minutes get all legs that are used constantly close to Balance
Of course intermittent loads are different.

Roy Cooke

I know some GOOD electricians Roy and they don’t have a clue on how to properly BALANCE a 3 phase panel.

That could be because they have not worked enough in Heavy construction .
I had when I first started an electrician license .
That was all that was available as years went on I had to take continuing courses and worked in different fields .
I ended Licensed in all Provinces except Quebec ( Different rules completely and had too speak French )
I had tickets for ,house wiring,Maintenance,Heavy industrial ,and lines man.,
Many think that do one do all and it is not quite that easy.
I choose to have no licenses any more as some liability protection.
Just ask a person who does houses only to hook up a stop start with a jog even with a print some have big troubles .
Roy Cooke