All Canadian Home Inspectors

** Inspectors Insurance**
Well it is now Official .
WE can get Insurance for all NACHI members in Canada .
It looks like NACHI members can save a large amount in their insurance .
It Looks like a much improved policy then was ever sold before .
They expect to, have an Ombudsman ( Hope I used the correct word ) who will look out for you the home Inspector to make sure the claim is correct and needs to be paid .
Not like what happened to my son Story at end of this post …
Also to be available is a person you can call for advice on Home inspector Issues .
This is some thing we all wanted for many years .

We make zip on these things .
We are doing this for you the Canadian Home Inspector .
Feel free to contact me or
**Gilles R. Larin,
Certified Master Inspector](
National Home Inspector Certification #378;](

My son inspected a home it Had a newer Gas furnace 5 years old.
There also was an abandoned oil tank with some oil still I the tank .
He wrote it up hard and said to have it removed Immediately by a qualified company .
He wrote this up in two places of his report and also told all verbally how this needed to be removed correctly.
Well some months later the new owner and a few of his friends decided to take the tank up the stairs with out removing the oil .
They dropped the tank and of came the spigot oil every where .
The new owner sued the listing agent the selling agent the previous home owner and my Son .
My son said to the insurance company not to settle as he did every thing correctly.
Well the Insurance said how they had got Roy off the hook for $5,000:00 .
Well Roy had a $5,000:00 deductible so he paid $5,000:00 and then the insurance company raised his rates next year because he had a claim .

Addition Thanks NICK .
Those Canadians who are not NACHI members will get a free NACHI Membership for a year .