ALL CHAPTER HEADS - Keep HQ in the loop!


Please be sure to inform Headquarters EVERYTIME you are hosting a NACHI event or Chapter Meeting.

We will post it on the events page and send out announcements to all NACHI members and potential-members in that area from our database.

We are discovering meetings posted on the message board that we have not been informed of, surely some are being overlooked.

EVERYTIME a meeting is being planned, please immediately e-mail the meeting dates and the URL of your chapter website where the details are posted so we can create a link on the events page and announce it for you. Send the e-mail to:

Thanks Everyone!


If I may suggest…You may want to send emails to Chapter heads to ensure ALL chapters are aware of this. Or any other updates for chapter related items. As it has been said before, not everyone comes to the message board, and some of us, not on a regular basis.