All CPIs are members of NAHI. CPIs can download their NAHI certificates here





Same here! :grin:

Same here, didn’t work.

Why would we?

Nope… :roll_eyes:[quote=“sbridges2, post:6, topic:167249, full:true”]
Nope… :roll_eyes:
Nope …


Tried again nope still does not work. :thinking

Try now, fixed?

Are you referring to NAHI not working before, so why would it now?? :wink:

Do the links work now?

Invalid request.

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Yup! Same here!

Did anybody get it yet?

Not working in Ohio!

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That. And I haven’t needed their logo for all of the years I’ve been doing this. So I can’t see it being of any help to me.

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Sorry about the trouble - the tests are working on my end. If it’s still not working for you, can you email me at with the specific error, so I can investigate?

Sounds like everyone is getting the Invalid request page after hitting the download button. there is no error code

When I double-clicked to view, it gave me “Invalid.” When I right clicked and selected Save Link As, it downloaded a 16byte (yes byte, not kb) file that was not a valid jpg.

Error #403

Still not good here!!

Whats up with this?