all due respect to all, seriously,

RAISED grade where the leak is, got that? People like this guy have a different thought-process as to why-where-how water gets in peoples homes, basements. He wants to play water diverting games, mudjacking etc games which does NOT determine–identify where the water is getting in, there must be 1 or more exterior openings BELOW grade in the wall or ABOVE grade for water to… get in. Only other means is some type of interior dripping, leaky plumbing problem in that area .
I used, the word… different, that can mean several things, trying to be nice to the bubbleheads in this business today.

I see he already deleted my comment below the video, sheesh can’t take the truth

Video, he says mudjack, remove deck etc… that is already going to cost MORE than IF that corner has an exterior crack n needs exterior waterproofing of the CORNER.

2:35… ‘hydrostatic pressure’, lol, nooo dude no. FIND the actual problem then fix it, don’t need anything stupid landscaping nor deck removal etc. Run a water-test at–near that corner from ground level DOWN, see if water begins to enter, if so, it needs exterior waterproofing… the corner. If NO water enters after running water test for 30 or so minutes then the water is highly likely first entering through something open above grade, or an interior plumbing issue which, from the video, doesn’t appear likely. Basement window and first floor window pretty close, never know, every now n then there are openings in–around those and water could first enter through those, just saying. Mudjacking n playing with the lousy grade doesn’t fix any leaky windows or tuckpointing issue where water sometimes first enters

WRONG thought process young man, I tried talking, educating you but you don’t want it, you don’t think you need it etc