All due respect to Bob here but come on man

first 1:30 inside basement… then outside, he says ‘downspout n gutter main problems’, no sir.

downspout has NOTHING to do with what i see going on inside basement, nope!

Paper and pencils down lolollllllllllllllllllllllllllll

water is getting in basement because of, through one or more of following…
crack (s), cracked parging etc in foundation walls, openings around, under basement window and possibly the front window (s), possible opeings in mortar joints, bricks etc ABOVE grade and maybe the stupid roof… it’s NOT the gutter/downspot. CALL me, i’ll go over and take the time and FIND, identify how, where the water is getting in by running a water test with a hose instead of this guessing n assumption bullshtt

was he trying to ‘teach’ interior system laborers hahahahaaaa tell ya, THIS is another way people get the WRONG answers, wrong thought process in deducing how n where water is getting in basement

one of the best MC commercials


one of the best T Boner memes = PRICELESS, dig?

Marc, I think the teacher failed. LOL

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Yeah, failed is right. LOL!

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Looks like the students that failed his pop quiz are smarter than he is!

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cRaZy isn’t it, and to think i had MY paper n pencil ready to learn when i started watching, O dear, maybe an INT system bubblehead will come along n teach us

Morning, Mr. Anderson. Hope this post finds you well.
So to some intellectual degree, and based upon your experience, could you properly explain what was happening to super saturated the soil thus degrading foundation as well as what work would be required to rectify the flooding and shore up the foundation?
Looking forward to you answer.