All General Contractors lets have some fun with work pictures you actually worked on.

I will start:






What are you posting? Pictures of your work or pictures of you???

Are we having fun yet? :smiley:

John, beautiful fish nice catch.

Who framed the window in the first picture???

And the second picture for that matter> Wow!


Come on guys, quit being so nitpicky.:p:p

Pics my niece in Tenn. sent me yesterday, she looks better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty good.
I like that they are candid and caught you off guard while hard at work.

A Florida state licensed general contractor!!!

Not quite the way done in Maine, but when in Rome, you do as the Romans do I guess. :mrgreen::wink:

Good Inspecting I am glad you guys notice the framing on windows they ran romax before the window was installed and left two 10in scabs in place of jack studs. That is why I was hired to correct and finish job. Good EYES GUYS. Other problems also had to be corrected.

I am surprise no-one notice no King stud and Trimmer.

Ahh! we did Alfred, the King Stud was in the middle of all the pictures so we could not get a clear view. :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

How are you? What part of Maine are you from. I am from Rhode Island.

This was my last project as an Ironworker…

Oh, and for anyone who thinks I’m kidding, my name is engraved in the marble wall at the main entrance. :wink:


Central Maine, but originally from Norther Maine, start of US #1. :):smiley:

I believe you great job! Th

Jeff, this is one of my babies that I built she made history and so did many others I worked on.

I worked on and built 22 Nuclear Submarines

Well, when they said from Land to Sea, I stayed on land. :mrgreen:

Most of my projects are under this website here.

This was my last project here since the economy started going downhill and the construction industry died for me anyways.