All grounds under lug

I know this is a flag, but is there any other reason this is bad except for the fact that there could be poor connections?

It’s bad because a ground-fault may not trip the breaker due to poor connection. The terminal is not rated for such termination. When you see something like that, look much closer at everything else.


Exactly… …That is a no-no.

Yes I understand that it’s bad because of a possible poor connection, but is that the only reason? Of course it’s already going to the in the report. That is not why I’m posting. I just wanted to know if there is a more practical reason. If all this mess is still connected well then it’s not really hurting anything else is it?

You have no way of knowing how “well” it is connected. Are you trying to justify it? At this point your question is vague. Not sure where the confusion is. The main purpose of an EGC is to clear a ground-fault, that’s it.

That’s correct, as Simon stated that terminal has not been tested as shown in the photo so no one will know if it will actually clear the fault when required. If I had to guess IMO it would trip the OCPD.