All I Want for Christmas...

The Wenger “Giant Knife Version 1.0”, which includes all 85 tools the company makes. :shock:

Be still my knife-collecting heart…

P.S. Just showed this to the wife and suggested it as the perfect 20th anniversary present. $1,200. Not a chance.



I would like to see the pocket that things fits into. All I want for Christmas is the 6 winning lottery numbers and Eric if I do get them I will buy you the knife

I’ll stick with my Buck 500 thanks.


You know what Freud said about people who are attracted to knives.

BTW: Come by, sometime, and I will show you my sword collection.


What you have there is a back pack knife,I bought this in Switzerland in 92,
now this is a pocket knife!! I think this is limited edition.


I was going to send picture,can’t,something about exceeding my limit

All I want for Christmas is for the PHIC to disband…


For some reason I am thinking of crocodile Dundee here!!

That thing is scary. I am NOT showing that to my boys! :wink: