All InterNACHI staffers have called off due to tomorrow's holiday.

I’ll be all alone trying to sail the ship on Tuesday… so if I don’t answer the phones on the first ring or reply to your emails quickly, please be patient.

4/20 is Colorado’s biggest holiday next to Christmas. I’ll be trying, as best as I can, to run InterNACHI’s offices by myself tomorrow.

Happy 4/20 everyone!

I’m not going to ask…I’m not going to ask…I’m not going to ask…

Why would Hitler’s birthday be a big Colorado holiday? Home of Ward Churchill I guess. Liberals, never could figure them out.

It is “Pot Smoking Day”:roll:

Yep, but I won’t be partaking. As my Russian friend and fellow miner Mikhail Prokhorov once said… I don’t smoke, drink or fall in love :D.

So you have a bunch of pot heads working the office :slight_smile:
Please do not tell John. M or Mike .L

The crew at the office will be walking sideways for a week…

People flew in from as far away as Kuwait to attend. It was totally nuts and gets bigger every year.

Sounds like a scene from Up in Smoke…

Where’s Cheech Marin with that big Bob Marley joint?

I guess I’ll be crossing off University of Colorado/Boulder, from my oldest daughter’s college list.:roll:

Oh, sure !!!

You attend Woodstock, and now that it’s her turn, you get all ethicy!!!:mrgreen: