All material facts!

In Ohio we will be required to:

" Article 1 - General standards
4. Licensees shall disclose all known material facts to the licensee concerning a property."

If not:

“Article 5 - Advertising
4. A licensee’s failure to comply with any of the provisions for this rule shall constitute prima facie evidence of a violation of division (I) of section 4764.14 of the Revised Code.”

The rule mentioned above is 1301:17-1-16

4764.14 Refusal to issue or renew license.

The superintendent of real estate and professional licensing may refuse to issue or renew a license if the applicant for the license or renewal has done any of the following:

(I) Violated rules adopted under section 4764.05 of the Revised Code or is otherwise not in compliance with this chapter;

If you are in Ohio and not paying attention to what is happening to you - shame on you.

Unless you start showing up during the process of finalizing these rules you will be at the mercy of the “superintendent of real estate and professional licensing

The Superintendent can deny or not renew your license for any reason including:

“(A) Failed to establish to the satisfaction of the superintendent that the applicant is honest, truthful, and of good reputation;”