All my questions were answered

Today’s inspection was a handyman electrical nightmare. Issue after issue, from the panel to the garage, shop, laundry and just about everywhere. As I was leaving the shop area of the garage, I noted this magazine from 1972 on the work bench. Questions answered… :roll: :mrgreen:

Maybe that’s why Sears is going out of business. Their stores still look like they’re in the 70’s and they’re using a 70’s business model. That was probably the last year they came out with an issue!


There’s your problem you’re inspecting the house to the wrong “standard”. I suggest you sit down and fully read that sears manual. After all Sears has been around a long time so it has to to right. Right?

Still better than the advice most DIY’s get at Home Depot.
This 40 year old manual looks in pretty good shape, he might have forgot it was in the drawer.

So true.
It used to be Sears was looked to as an establishment and often a mother or Father would work in the store and pass the job on to a Son or Daughter but now it is just another retail operation with workers that have no more knowledge than a typical Kmart worker…hmmm.

For some reason the CEO’s of this company think cutting sales floor costs and quality goes noticed and live in the past at the same time.
Very sad but time moves on.

They should have kept quality .
Reflects the country as a whole if you think about it.

Looking good to stock holders by cutting costs is a quick fix but not a long time answer.