All secret Canadian Associations

Et Voila, you’ve just proven what I said above and it didn’t took you long!

I am glad you finally understand that many Canadian Associations are out for them selves and that NACHI is the Great choice for more Ontario home Inspectors then any of the other Ontario associations are .

I guess you are now pleased you have kept your membership in NACHI and did not get conned into spending your money at .

Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

And the finger pointing and misdirect never stops.
People have choices when making decisions. Its that simple.
If they wish to go one way or the other its there choice.
There is plenty of information on the internet and when making a decision as to what school to attend in making higher education a priority in there life ,ITS UNENDING.
So this petty finger pointing of whom is right , wrong, better , or worse is up to the individual.
It,s changing yearly and is developing faster in Canada than I ever thought.(thank god)
So let them decide where they want to go.
If they have a true interest they will pick whats right for them. God educators do not sell there services people run to them.
You don’t have to tell them,they will figure it all-out.

Robert you (" Join Date: Mar 2010 ") (6 months ) have not been around long and suddenly you are instant expert in this Industry.
It might be a good idea to just creap for a while .

I see more finger pointing here than I care to.
Expert no/
Built and repaired all my life yes.
That is my plus.
All my life I see the damage caused by ,materials ,improper building techniques, that’s all.
Never said I know it all.
I see talent here.
I see few that are HUMBLE.

Again, you only read what you wanted to hear and then twist it to suit your agenda.

There’s no hope for you!

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Thanks for your confidence , There is the rest and then there is the best ,NACHI .
I find this humorous that you keep coming back to NACHI and renewing when you feel it is so bad about NACHI .
You seem to love the self appointed group who have floundered around for 10 years that I have witnessed.
And for a lot longer from what I read and have heard.

I was not talking about you I was pointing out what this new comer has seen in his few months here. That’s all.
I see real talent here ones with so much to offer. ‘‘ones to mentor’’ if they wish…
I read posts from new members afraid to open up there minds because they are afraid they are going to be chastised for wanting to learn and not knowing the subject enough to enter an answer.
You paraphrase a wonderful scholar and poet.’’ a life making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life doing nothing.’’
I know you are a learned man and look to your voice for guidance when you post as do others.
We all have our place in the world.
To me ‘‘you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’’.

Again Roy,

Your are twisting to suit…

Where did I ever said that iNACHI is bad? What I said is that there is no hope for you and your posts of late certainly points that way!

And why are you saying that I keep coming back and renewing my iNACHI membership?

I always said that the more association one belongs to the merrier, beside I have a free lifetime membership with iNACHI.


P.S.: Watch where you walk and don’t trip on that low bar…

Marcel who are the four members of

[size=2] .
Claude Lawrenson, Bill Mullen, George Webb - Submitted on behalf of the new “National Certification Council” and 4 other elected NCA/NCH and concerned National Certification Program supporters.

[FONT=Tahoma][size=2]So, they say they’re not an association.

Who owns them?

Are they a not for profit?

If NCH holders are its members…aren’t they an association then of its certificate holders? If not, aren’t they a FOR profit group?

Who is on the Board? Who are the stakeholders?

Is NHICC part of / associated with CSC then -

[FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana]Important news from the NHICC**
[FONT=Verdana]The NHICC is now empowered to resume the administration of the NCP, so we are inviting new and renewal applications.
Half a year ago, the future of the National Certification Program was arbitrarily and abruptly placed in peril. The National Certification Authority (NCA), the group of experienced inspectors appointed or elected to administer the program, was advised that after four years their efforts were no longer required.

Certification Council. (NHICC). The members that are charged with the administration of the NHICC are the exact same members of the National Certification Authority that were **elected **by National Certificate Holders (NCH), minus the appointed ones. As such, they serve as an interim steering committee.

The NHICC has now received approval from the legal owners of the program, the Construction Sector Council (CSC) to advance the National Certification Program for Home & Property Inspectors. NHICC National Certificate Holders (registrants) will be seeing the designation on certificates, correspondence and various forms of communication and advertisement promoting the benefits of achieving the only recognized national certification benchmark. It indicates accountability and is a symbol representing a recognized home inspection professional. Consumers will now have a consistent, reliable and independent resource to locate and hire a nationally recognized home inspector.


[FONT=verdana,arial][FONT=verdana]PHPIO | | Napanee | K7R 3K8 | Canada[/FONT][/FONT]


Roy , you couldn’t have said it better !!!

If an amateur built the ark and it worked,and a pro built the titanic,why did it sink?
What is your point?

"We need to stop trying to blame others ,we need to try and improve our selves and help all."

Finally - something we can agree and hopefully build upon!


As a new member(chose InterNachi after a lot of research) I must say that touting InterNachi is great and it is clear to all where your heart is, however “new eyes are clear eyes” the views and opinions of all are just that and should be treated with the same respect that you would wish for yours.
Just my $350’s worth!

Dwayne,I like your observation,new eyes are clear eyes,very well stated,look forward to hearing more from you.



Where are you from, if I may ask?

Orangeville, ON

Dwayne writes:

New eyes are clear eyes.

Roy’s good!:wink: gotta watch him.
Orangeville Ontario is correct sir!