All these notices from Nick

Moderate the board some? Not losing any sleep doing that job…

Bull! Work smarter not harder… Yep!
I’m outta here till this sh*t stops.

Not sure why, but you always seem to have the dumbest comments on the MB


If their recommendation is to not post too much… Then Nick has not been following ben’s advice. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have been avoiding the MB because all the spam email are about Birthdays, Nick Notes, etc. If someone is angling for clicks, it’s the wrong approach, I just delete them without bothering to look. I look for interesting HI topics to read/comment.


I was thinking the same thing about your replies to me. Funny when you think about it. Lol. Ha ha ha…
And if your so smart, which I highly doubt by the way, what’s going on? Why is Nick Gromicko, the benevolent founder of this organization by the way, putting all the posts on the MB for? For no other reason other than to get more MB hit counts? Please… Give me a break.

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I believe he has personally stated on this very MB that site visits are a major goal for inach success. I have a high regard for both Gromickos, their achievements are incredible and beneficial. They also publicly state that feedback is important in any business. To their credit they do listen, and they do implement changes. It is undoubtedly part of the reason they are so successful.

If you had paid attention, it was possibly an overzealous assistant doing the excessive posting, a little moderation is simple. This thread is dated and the emails have thinned out.

To your credit, your writing skills on this MB have improved from a third grade level, - that’s great. I am sure your clients are happy about that. It’s almost like you have become another person!


Avoid being frustrated by others remarks. Nick knows what direction to bring the MB. I am sure Chris will do a great job.
The MB is a great. Look at Inspection News as a comparison.
John, I did not mean to be facetious and had to allude to the hilariousness of the statements.
Keep well. John.

My ADD set in . I can’t read all that.
Can you answer this in three words or less?

spam posts bad


If I’m posting a lot, it’s because we have a lot to announce. For example, last week we had to announce each new home inspection agreement for each state on a separate thread. Otherwise our search tool won’t pick it up when someone this week tries to find an agreement for their particular state.