Allied Inspection School- recommended?

I am thinking of taking Allied Inspection School’s online course to become a certified home inspector. They offer a rate around $1,000, and they also provide software to complete my own inspections once I graduate for another $1,000. What are people’s opinions of this program, and is there other software out there that is more affordable that I can use to conduct my own home inspections, software that is intricate enough to avoid being sued after an inspection is completed, or any other type of complications that would arise after that? Or is software even necessary, and should I just create my own contracts and forms with a legal professional before I begin diving into the home inspection business? Thanks!

Excellent school.

Thanks, I feel more confident about them now. What about the software for filling out reports? Is it worth it to pay the additional $1,000, or is there other software out there to use, or is it even necessary? The also include a palm pilot for the $1,000 fee.


The best software on the market today IMO is;

They all offer you a FREE trial period and you can better decide what is best for you!

Thanks man! :cool:


When I took the Allied course it came with a full version of InspectVue and a free year membersip with NACHI.