AllInspections is going out of business

Hi Guys,

I’ve had a few calls today from inspectors using AllInspections. Yes, it’s true they’re going out of business. We have our Wind Mit program being tested by several inspectors right now and I plan on releasing it on Google Play tonight or tomorrow and then posting to Apple’s App store as well. If any current users have questions, just let me know.

I never got to test it :frowning:

You did not miss much.
I tested it when it first came out.
Very basic and was surprised it lasted this long.

Sorry Mike, I had a few existing HIP users asking about it that have been testing it for the last week. I have a few last tweaks I’m doing to it right now. Basically collect all the data, upload the report to the cloud which emails the PDF to you so you can make any last edits that you need (like attaching documents).

He meant that he didn’t get to test the new HIP app.

not surprised, slow on bug fixxes

Mike, I’ll have another update here shortly that I need more testing on. If anyone else is interested, let me know.

Sounds great,.

I would be glad to help if I can.

Great. I’ll send an update in a few hours. Right now you have to pick up the report on our site, I’m changing it to email it to you as well.

PM sent I’M Interested. Let me know if there anything i can do to help, note the some of us may also be interested in a four point and roof condition insurance inspection.

Odany we’ve had 4 point for years, click Open Template in HIP. Roof Condition is in the works.

Hello Dom
Do you guys have a version of hip for use on an iPad?
John Miller
PRP Home Inspections
DeLand, Fl.

It’s in the works. Right now we have Windows, Mac & Android.

You know I love ya man and I would love ya even more when you come out with the HIP-MAC-OS version so whats the real skinny, when are we gonna see this thing…we are all waiting :roll:

You’re kidding right? We’ve had a Mac version since HIP 1.0, 8 years ago!! We’ve always been THE Mac software for inspectors.

I said that wrong (sorry):neutral: I meant the I-Pad version or app

Ahhh , ok! I got ya now!

Right after the merge feature:p

This is MOST definitely at the top of the list and being actively worked on right now. It’s just a massive new feature.