Allstate Policies?

Anyone heard that Allstate - or any other underwriter is denying credits for WIND MIT with an all or none approach - No opening protections - no discounts at all!

No. Not allowed. The mitigation credits are handed down to each and every company by the OIR. The companies must accept them and work them into their rate plans they file with the OIR. They cannot be altered or changed.

I agree, that would be in violation of the FL Rules and the OIR. Sounds like the submitted form was denied.

Yes - the client was told by her agent that if she didn’t qualify for all the discounts then she didn’t qualify for any. I suggested she ask for a copy of the Notice of Premium Discounts for Hurricane Loss Mitigation - OIR-B1-1655 - that should be with her Homeowners Insurance Packet.

Yep - turns out that the client completely mis-understood what the agent was telling her - Go figure!

Happens daily. Agents and other office folks are not nearly all the time correct in what is what. Just about rarely if one were to be honest :frowning: