Almost did not get paid

Client wanted to do the inspection today, they drove a few hours to get there and I drove one hour.

Got there on time and they were late but I had the combo lock code so all was well.

Got a lot done before they arrived, had to drag my ladder around to two different attic scuttles but no foundation crawlspace so thats ok.

Expected payment on site but “Can I just do the paypal thing now on my iphone”? ok, sure, I said.

It was a foreclosure, not too bad actually for a 3 year old house, just needs an hvac guy, new carpet, paint, a plumber, a roofer, a contractor to brace a truss etc. etc.

So they got a verbal summary onsite and left.
Got home, checked my paypal acct and no payment.

So, lets see, maybe they don’t need the report since the bank won’t budge anyway or maybe they don’t want this house…

Called 3 diff numbers, no answer, left messages.
Called the agent and told him he may have to send this to the closing atty for payment.

Finally got a call back, they said they would do the paypal in two hours.

Still no paypal, sent email stating that I can’t send the report until payment is made.

Payment just showed up, about 5 hours later than the revised time though.

I’m about to send the report since I won’t have time to do it tomorrow… wooohooo! :mrgreen:

Still have never been stiffed out of a payment in over 4 years.

The moral of this story is:
If the client is at the inspection and gets all the inspection information they may not need or want the report to proceed with the purchase.

I may start requiring payment at the start of the inspection.

I require payment prior to the day of inspection or when the client shows up BEFORE I start the inspection.

I tell them that without a “Signed Contract” and payment they are NOT my client. I explain that if they are not my client… my insurance will NOT cover them or cover me if “anything happens.”

I always get paid! I have had clients leave the “jobsite” to go to an ATM and bring cash back! :stuck_out_tongue:

See this thread where one of our inspectors was NOT paid at all!:shock:](

You have a signed agreement and you could take them to court. I think you did all you can do. That scenario just happens sometimes and I don’t think you can prevent it in all circumstances. What are you going to do when they say they forgot their checkbook? Just a business risk.

I recommend you transfer the money out of your PayPal account into your bank account ASAP as they can still stop the payment after they receive the report. Many people do not know the payee can ask PayPal or contest payment after it has been sent. Once you transfer it (can takes 2-3 days) they have to take other measures. I do not let money sit in my paypal account for this reason.

I don’t use PayPal. Too much spam and other crap.

Check or Credit card and no report until I get it.

Also, I explain that my insurance (FREA) will noty cover the inspection without a signed contract and payment.

I have actually had a couple of “clients” just trun on their heels and walk away, before the inspection, when I tell them this.

Hope this helps;

I went to Sams Club one time and had them put a new set of Michelins on my Van. Whem they got done and asked me for payment, I told them I had left my wallet with my checks and credit card at home AND asked if they’d Bill me.

The Service Mngr was a really nice guy - He told me they’d be open till 9:00 PM and offered to let me use his phone to call a cab, so I could go home and get something to come back and pay them with.

He also told me if I didn’t get back tonight, he’d put my Van inside where it would be SAFE and wouldn’t CHARGE me anything EXTRA for that SERVICE.

Get the idea GUYS … This is a business / Treat it like one.

I agree with you 100% Dan. Good point!

I always get paid!:stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting… I’ve been using PayPal for almost 8 years now… no spam, no “other crap”, no hassles… ever.

Side note: I am set up to take Credit cards through my wife’s business, which is in jewelry. I tell my clients that I can take cards, but it will show up on their statement as a jewelry purchase, which no one has had a problem with. Call me cheap, but I don’t see the point in doing it twice. My wife got a funny call from the wife of a client wondering why her husband had bought $400 in jewelry.

Same here. No problems.

That’s my routine. I setup in the kitchen and lay the invoice on the counter. Get check and start inspecting:D.

In this business, it appears that best way to be paid is prior to conducting the HI with a written contract in place

Agree! Once had a guy show up (late) for the inspection. Then announces he forgot his checkbook. I told him where the nearest ATM was and that as soon as he signed the contract I would get started while he went and got either the money or went home for his checkbook.

No tickee, no laundry.

I have used PayPal for many years too without any hassles, spam or problems. In fact it is easier than accepting checks. I can sit on my butt and transfer money from the PayPal account right into the business checking account. Checks I have to go deposit. I can generate an end of year account of all transactions, fees paid by me, etc. Why do bookkeeping twice when someone else is doing it for you. Work smarter, not harder. I try to do less work for more money with the ultimate goal being…do nothing at all and get paid well for it. It;s bizness