Almost free energy

I am looking for investor/s and or partner/s to help me develope 3 inventions that produce *almost free energy on either a mass scale or for individuals anywhere in the world. There are hundreds of applications for these devices, they will create no pollution, and will not be an eyesore, and in fact some are completely concealed. Some will be very simple and cheap to manufacture and install, and others will be more elaborate and expensive. This is no mystery technology that has to be experimented with and tested, I guarantee they will work. The reason I am posting this is because I feel it needs to be done in order for people to get out from under the control of big oil and foreign powers. I do not have any hard figures at this time but I predict these devices can produce 25% of our energy demands and could be built and operational within 5 years, on a mass scale within 10 to 15 years. I have had these inventions for several years waiting until I could come up with the finances on my own to buy the patents and produce them. However because of certain things that have happened lately, I feel I no longer have time to waste waiting for an opportune moment. I am willing to partner with someone that will pay for the patents and/or apply for and acquire grants or I will sell the inventions outright. This is no joke, I am totally serious, if you are interested or know someone who is interested please have them contact me at This will be an opportunity to make large sums of money, and do something significant for the environment, people and your country. They will require no nuclear, fuel oil, solar power or windmills. Thanks, Ken Lott P.S. I have invented many things before, but unfortunately I did not act on them and someone else came along and did. I am trying to follow thru on this. (There is no such thing as totally free energy, there are manufacturing and maintenance cost)

Pardon me for saying so, but this sounds like the “exiled ruler of Nigeria” who needs my bank account information so that he can deposit one-billion dollars into my account. . .

no it’s nothing like that, i would reveal my inventions to someone who is really serious before i expected them to get involved. no scam here.

Thats what the Nigerian said…


As Scotty said in a Startrek episode.

Cap’n, I can’t defy the laws of physics.

i agree scotty

Give us a teaser on your perpetual motion machine Ken.

Did you get my message Ken?

good morning everyone, it is not about perpetual motion robert, yes wendy i just read it and i will contact you soon, I can’t risk it in e-mail. can you pm a phone number or snail mail address?

I’ll send you my snail mail. I’m going to go to bed soon.

by the way robert, the u.s. patent office will not even accept patent applications on perpetual motion inventions because they claim it is impossible. it probably is for man.

10-4 sweet dreams. i just got up, arms sore.

Read this

and this

that’s interesting michael, i had no idea there were so many scams concerning free energy(but i’m not surprized). this is nothing like that, i have not discovered some unknown source that creates energy, and the only reason i am being what must appear to be secretive and suspicious is because i do not want my inventions stolen before i get off the ground. but i will say this, i am so confident that my projects will work i fully expect big oil will try to buy me out to keep it off the market. also there will be many angry people because they did not get in on this. the only way i will lose on this is if i die before it comes to pass, never the less, i am setting it up where my family will still reap the benefits. i would like to sit here and say something noble like “i’ll never sell out to to big oil” but i can’t, money talks. i can understand scepticism and caution but i am not asking for any money up front and everything will be done legally thru attorneys and patents, and the projects will be shown beforehand to whom ever meets the criteria to buy me out or partner with me. i have many other inventions also but i feel these are the most important. sorry for being vague but i have to be careful, i hope you understand.

Be as vague as you want but the first you should be doing is patenting the idea and not looking for investors on a message board.

As to the oil companies “buying you out”, that sounds too much like the claims of the 200 mi/gallon carburetor being bought out by the auto makers and the oil companies. Baloney pure and simple.

Therein lies the rub.

Perpetual motion is impossible for “man” to create. I assume, Mr. Lott, you are of flesh?

the guy from ga. with the mustang that got 80 mpg with a 3 cylinder perkins diesel that big oil bought out was real.

Next someone will be telling me that growing corn and making Ethanol produces more energy than it consumes.:sarcasm:

absolutely and i am not claiming to have a perpetual motion device. it takes energy to make energy, it is the methods used that determine the efficiency, that is why i stated almost free.


I hope you get a non-disclosure form signed by everyone you talk to about this.

I have experience with the patent process etc.

I got a patent on an energy saving system in 1993 and wrote 99.9 percent of the patent application myself. pat. no 5,245,255 I sold as many as I could before the thieves started in on it. Very expensive to enforce a patent you know.

I might consider helping if I feel it is feasible.
Email me your non-disclosure form and we can talk about it later.