Almost had a new driveway

Was going to have a new driveway installed at my house today. Contractors show up this morning and start to unload. Boss calls me and says that asphalt has gone up in price and he wants another $300 for the job. He canceled twice on me last week(because of equipment trouble he says) and now wants more money? I don’t like it and we get in a little argument,. Finally I say he can do the job for the contracted price or don’t do the job,I’m not paying him any more than that. He packed up and left. I think he was trying to squeeze me for more money because it’s near winter and I can’t get anyone else to do it in time.

Sounds appropriate…it is not your problem that he broke down and couldn’t get there until the price went up on the asphalt.

Don’t people have any integrity any more?

He called Sunday and left a message that he will be at the house Tuesday. He called again Monday and we talked. Not one word of a price increase. Then today he says his asphalt guy came to him and tells him asphalt is up. I got an estimate from this guy in early September. It was the same price when I signed a contract on Oct 13th. Now the price is up? Give me a break.

Funny thing about prices; they can go down just as fast as they go up. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t come back one day with his hat in his hand and willing to do the job for the original or lower price. Unless the job just has to be done now, I would wait until I got the price I wanted and at my convenience.

The gall of some people, man, that burns me up.
Any good business would have any price increases already budgeted in their quotes to begin with or absorbed the cost due to their equipment failures.
I would have told him to take a hike also. :slight_smile:

I asked him if the price of asphalt was down would he give me a break on the price. He says the price never goes down on asphalt, it always goes up. Ya right.

I would understand a price increase from the early September estimate to when I signed the contract on Oct 13th. But i don’t like it when ,the morning of the project he says he needs more money.

sounds like a good guy to be rid of…spring is a lot better time to get a driveway anyway…you have lots of time then to get bids…

Loose this guy.

The price of asphalt is directly tied to oil which has been going up recently.

But he should have locked in his price with his supplier when you signed the contract.

When he is hungry he won’t play thee games.

The problem with asphalt is the refineries have been able to produce more gas out of a barrel of oil. In the past the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, was used to make asphalt for roads and roofing materials, now more of it goes to gas.
This combined with the stimulus package that has dumped millions in road construction has caused a shortage in asphalt. I have seen roofing materials go up about 4 times this year even with the slow down in construction and a bad economy asphalt still continues to go up.

I would sill sh!t can the drive way contractor, like Marcel said, he should have compensated for it.

There should have been language in the contract to cover increases in oil/asphalt. If not, it’s his loss. By contract, he is required to perform at the stated terms. End of discussion.

Easier said than done Jeff.
In July, I was quoted a price for my Auto insurance by AAA, and two months later received a letter saying there was a mistake and the price jumped up $200 for six months. Numerous letters thereafter.
Talking to the agent, she kept saying that she will take care of it and not to worry. Kept getting letters of price increase. Had paid in full for six months.
Kept calling the agent. Kept being promised it was a mix-up and not to worry.
Fours months went by and the letters and bills kept coming in.
Suspected foul play in an error by the agent. Cancelled my policy and expected a refund for two months.
Never happened. Still fighting over with agent.
Filed a claim and greivance with the Better Business Bureau, still nothing.
Called agent last week and she said the error had been corrected, and check will be in the mail within 12 days.

BS, they are stalling and I might as well kiss my money good-bye.

Bring me to court to collect your $100 is what is in back of their minds to begin with.
That is why this whole Country is in trouble.
Everybody expects you to pay for their mistakes.

I haven’t given up, my principals will fight as long as I can afford it. :slight_smile:

You may and May not be right Jeff…in all my bid contracts there is a section that says price quote good for 30 days and many others are like this, I can’t be held to a price 2 months from now…now if there was no time limit clause in the contract that is another story …but the bottom line is You don’t want a disgruntled or shady contractor working for you …either way …my opinion is this guy is best sent packing…jmo…jim

And you should Marcel. Can’t continue to let the insurance beast push us around. Unfortunately, they will almost always win the battle.

But, David has a contract, not just a quote. Guess he needs to reread the contract to see what rights he may have.

Agree Jim. But I am assuming the contract is not expired, based upon Davids post. If it is, shame on him for portraying otherwise!

And yes, if he does decide to use him, watch him like a hawk!!!

So did I Jeff, quote, contract, policy and the whole works. It’s a long story and could not explain all the details.
I am not done with this. I am tired of getting screwed and David should persue it also. Enough is enough, with these type of people just trying to rape you over the coals for their mistakes.
When I make a mistake, it usually and always costs me money. It should not be a one way street. :slight_smile:

Agree, and good luck, you’re gonna need it!

Sh*t happens. You could have made a friend for life by saying “Look, I’m in business, too. That’s a tough break. How about if we split the difference?”

He would have been bowled over by your equanimity.

Joe, one always makes a friend when you give in to pay for his own downfall of ethical business dealings and honoring his mistake at your expense.
A quote in writing should be honored regardless of the circumvent of material cost increases that are expected daily in the past years.
When one initiates a quote, he is stipulating that it will be executed in a timely fashion upon acceptance by the client. To come back after the acceptance of the quote that was signed and accepted, and request additional funds to execute the work, in my book is unethical construction practices. Walk.
There was a time in life where a hand shake was binding on an agreement to perform work for an equitable payment in return. Wonder what happened to that.:):smiley:

AHHHHH, the good ole hand shake. I wonder where those days went as well Marcel.