Almost Had To Run!

Tornado sirens and shingles flying everywhere just 10 minutes ago. All is cool now. I’m getting a report now of winds that were at 68 but no funnel. :shock:

Great time to have an office in a basement or possably inspect a crawl space. Be Safe guy.

Glad you’re safe.

Sounds like an area for a roof inspection special @ $150/$200 per.:wink:

Well, they do call it the Windy City, right? Or is that only for Chicago proper?

At least we know where Wendy went. :smiley:

Here comes round two with the sirens again! One storm after another all day and night day after day. I always did like to inspect attics on a rainy day but it has been so slow around here I forgot what an attic looks like. :neutral:

It’s the end of the world out there.

Black as night and there’s quite a light show going on.

Erol, slow isn’t the word for it! :frowning:

It’s amazing. Low interest rates and the real estate market is at it’s worse since 1988. We can thank all the lenders that gave money to anyone who said hello to them. :twisted: