Almost no Afghan ever even heard of 9/11

We must never forget. Never forget that not a single 9/11 hijacker, mastermind, or financier was Afghan or Iraqi… not one!

The median age of an Afghan is 18 and the median age of an Iraqi is 20. In other words, most of the people in those countries were either children or not even born yet when the 9/11 attacks occurred. A recent survey showed that very few Afghans ever even heard of 9/11.

6.4 trillion of U.S. taxpayer money spent… 801,000 killed. A trillion is 1,000 million dollars times 1,000, an unfathomable amount of our money spent.801000-murdered

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I remember that day very well, as I was en route to Syracuse NY but because of the events, decided to stay home. When the U.S. skies closed, Canada immediately decided to open its skies to stranded U.S. commercial aircraft and passengers and welcomed 239 flights and 33,000 passengers!

Perhaps Mr.Trump should be reminded of that!

All the best to Nick!