Almost walked right into this

Almost stepped right into this disaster today. Might not have made it out alive!!

Great was there any fishes in the pond .

Man that was a close one, blended in from the looks of the pictures. Glad you didn’t fall it, would have sucked.

Might have an Alligator.

Who knows what the heck could be living in there…LOL

25ft Anaconda :smiley:

Or what is dead down there :shock:

Looks like a backyard golf practice area…water hazard and everything. Glad you didn’t test it out.

You should have stayed & helped me finish that 7700 sq ft home.

A good place to hide the bodies. :shock:

That was a beautiful water garden according to the Agent and Listing :smiley:

That’s a maneater if there ever was one

Swamp land!

Frank Bailey is not a home Inspector

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