Alright Thermographers, What are you seeing?

Gotta get 5/5 to win! Anything less is failure!






Looks like a ski lift and someone cooking a turkey or something on a buffet line or something. I see the heat lamp

Scenes from San Diego. Which aircraft carrier is that?

Looks like scenes form a ski resort and restaurant to me…

I get the snow making machines and slopes, the turkey guy and what appears to be a heated slab area w/iced spot.

dad-gummit! I was expecting someone to say a dead-spot in the heated slab area but you are correct, several areas were simply covered in ice.

It was so freakin cold that the ice cold water/mist being blown up into the air by the snow-makers was showing up like lava(red).

Good job, however you are wrong about the Turkey. That’s actually a buzzard so you failed :sad:



Just how cold was it?

It was -3 when I hopped on the lift at 10am. That’s pretty cold even for a Utah Thanksgiving! Best opening day snow records this year while last year resorts had to delay opening due to lack of snow. Go figure…

I was planning on skiing today. Just before starting to get ready I slid my curtains open an my plans got changed within about 2 seconds. It hasn’t stopped snowing in 12 hours and it’s already knee deep stepping out my back door.

Tomorrow should be incredible! Like surfing on a big fluffy cloud. Being a home inspector comes with it perks! You get to make your own schedule(for the most part):smiley: