Alternative To Paypal

If you need a way to process credit cards on budget
and would like an alternative to Paypal, here is my

It is called Propay ( There is also a
service that will supply a online shopping cart
for Propay clients called PropayCart (

The PropayCart cost 12.95 per year and gives you
a secure server and automated processing of
credit cards from your web site.

I make no money or am I associated with this
company. I like their services and they supply
a good product for small businesses.

For that price can you also check the validity of a credit card number without actually making a charge to it?

To do that on paypal it requires an optional merchant account for around $40 I think.

I am not sure if I understand your question…

The PropayCart allows you to have a buy button on
your web site that takes your client to your
personalized shopping cart and processes the
payment of their credit card immediately.
Your name will appear on their statement
and not the name paypal or propay.

You and your client are also sent an
email notification that their payment has been
completed. This is all automated from
a secure server in real time.

The Propay merchant acct has several plans.
I pay $59 per year and can process up to
$500 per charge and a total of $3000 per/mth.
This is all I need at this time. Not all of my
inspections are paid by credit card.

The PropayCart automated shopping cart on my
web page cost me $12.95 per YEAR. It takes
about 5 min. to set up. (past html code on
your web page and your done).

Its a good deal and Propay does not have
the complaint history that Paypal does.


check it out.

I need a way to verify a card number is valid in the case where I require a card to secure one of those “pay at closing” requests.

They enter the data on the agreement and fax it so I never actually see the card.

Credit cards can always be canceled or just claimed as lost and reissued. There are no penalty’s for a credit card not going thru but if you are holding a check you have more recourse.

Good point. I might just change my requirements.

I have been left out of the “pay at closing” several times.
I got paid eventually but it takes time to deal with it.

I find that if someone cannot pay me at the time
of the inspection with a credit card, then they
are in such a bad bind that I do not need to do
business with them in the first place.

They have will have approx. 30 - 45 days
to pay that bill and if they want to make the
minimum payment the first due date, it will only
cost them approx. $15 on the card. If they cannot
afford those terms, then what are they doing
buying a house?

If I am not paid at the inspection, or before…
there will be no inspection.

I always get paid now. It feels great.