Aluminium Wires

While inspecting inside the panel, pay special attention to the branch wiring if you see that the neutrals are solid Aluminum wires.

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Oh and BTW I learned my lesson on that all it took was missing aluminum at the sub panel and I now double check

Panels have a lot to look at inside, its not a time to be in a hurry.

I like to inspect the panel early in the process to get an idea of what all is wired in the home and always take a few pictures.

Or an unusual amount of pigtail type splices.

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Check out the link on Aluminum and Knob and Tube wiring

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Here is a tip…some nice info on this site regarding Aluminum Wire.

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ESA keeps changing the pages this one now links

Knob and Tube

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From an inspection last week

I see that one conductor in the middle of the back row is heated up pretty nice. Luckily for me, there weren’t many aluminium branch circuits installed in my area.

First one I’ve ever seen. Luckily, they’re not that common around here either.