Aluminum conductors in panel

Training electrical by looking at various panels.

Can someone confirm that these are aluminum conductors going into that double pole breaker? The only reason I’m hesitant is because this is my house and the inspector didn’t mention aluminum wiring in his report…

Yes those are aluminum conductors but the multi strand heavier conductors are not considered a problem. You will find those in most homes servicing the larger appliances such as the air conditioner and furnace. The aluminum wiring that is a problem is the single strand conductors on smaller circuits.

220v wiring braided. No issue.

It has not been 220V in USA for 50+ years.

Great. Thank you for this explanation. I knew that single strand aluminum has potential issues but wasn’t 100% sure about braided multi strand.

Yes, 240 volts is the correct nominal voltage in the US and the technical term is stranded conductors.
Braided is a different type of wire typically used in lightning protection what is shown in the photo is not a braided conductor.