Aluminum Connectors

I’ve seen Copalum and Ideal 65 connectors but these are new to me. Anti-oxidant was applied to all splices. Any input is welcome.

Both panels were FPEs.

Alum conn.JPG

AL corrections are usually made at the receptacle/outlet, not the enclosure. I think there may be some other reason for this “wire nut.”

Every aluminum connection in both panels were made this way. I frequently see pig-tailing of this type in panels and (I agree) I don’t know why.

Thanks for the reply Jeff.

That is a garden variety 3M “R/Y+” wire connector. It is listed copper only

Thanks Greg - I’ve never seen the red/yellow version before.

3M makes a series of wire connectors that accept a range of different wire sizes The red/yellow replaces a red or a yellow wirenut. It is a pretty good product but not for aluminum.

Thanks Greg :slight_smile:

I have heard a lot of electricians say these 3M connectors are as good as the Ideal 65 “Purple” on Al but they never got listed that way.

Aren’t Copalum connectors the best way to do these connections?