Aluminum Entrance Conductor - Neutral Issue?

You have the dead front off!

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Richard, as others have said, it is not required but IMO, if you have the proper training and feel comfortable doing so, it is an important part of a HI. Many defects and safety issues are found in the electrical panel.
No different that walking a roof. It is not required, but many inspectors do.


No I did not, Roy. The front was left on.
It is a blended image and PIP Picture In Picture.
Look at the image with the blending down on Full Infrared to >< 35% Full Visual.
Read the legend to see what my IR camera was set to. I did not adjust anything except IR/Visual blending.

He conveniently picked a commercial panel that has a door and dead front as two separate components. This is not a residential setup and not what the majority of inspectors are seeing.

What cherry picked BS. If you are not taking the cover off of a residential panel, you are not inspecting it.


? You are mistaken.

At times like this, I miss Michael Parks! Maybe he’s on the phone with Robert?


WAFI alert!

I would expect you to address Mr. Gleeson in a professional tone. Shame on you. We are all entitled our opinions.

So sad for the organization to read an awards committee member use such a vile and disgracefully acronym.
So disgraceful is it only the letters are used to trick the unknowing into thinking is a bluntly rude.

I am sure a collective sigh of relief will be heard across InterNACHI once you retire seeing you are not gentlemen enough to resign your position. I will certainly be happy.

You know damn well it’s NOT Mr Gleeson.
If the term fits, own it… … …

So sad for someone who never even graduated from high school to continually give out bad, incorrect information.
Go get a GED diploma or stop it.

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Hi Robert,

I was curious what program your using if you don’t mind me asking.

Evening, Mike.
Are you referring to what IR reporting system? That would be Fluke Smartview 4.3.

Thanks Robert

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Here ya go, Simon: :rofl:


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My pleasure.

NC’s SOP gets a little confusing as far removing the panel cover. We are required to inspect service entrance conductors and “Interiors of panel board enclosures unless unsafe conditions”. From what I’ve heard taking the dead front off is basically standard practice. Now an old rusty outdoor meter combo might be different story…

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Required in Wa. state.
Electrical system.
The inspection of the electrical system includes the service drop through the main panel; subpanels including feeders; branch circuits, connected devices, and
lighting fixtures.
(1) The inspector will:© Inspect the main and branch circuit conductors for proper over-current protection and condition by visual observation after removal of the readily accessible
main and subelectric panel cover(s).

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I was reading this thread, and it really sparked my interest. The good thing is I happen to have spare parts lying around to do some testing. I do realize the OP was taken right on top of the lug, so it is most likely reflected IR. I wanted to see what would happen if I raised the temperature manually. Please be aware I am still learning how to use the camera, so keep the criticism constructive, and I am open to suggestions. Here are my results.

This is one end of a neutral wire after sitting in front of a space heater for 3 minutes.

This is the other end that was not heated.

Here is the neutral wire in my box.

Same neutral wire after being heated by a hot air gun. I don’t think it’s the wire showing heat, but the air surrounding it causing it to glow. And yes, the whole area was affected, but as in the pictures above, it does seem to glow when warmer than it’s surroundings.

This is the best my C2 camera will take. I cannot figure out how to save and copy the non-ir photos using FLIR tools. If anyone has suggestions let me know. I can always add them to the post later.