Aluminum wire

Are there special outlets that would be used when aluminum wiring is used? I know that pigtails and special wire nuts with anti-oxen are to be used.

Hey Gary,
Look for co/alr on the outlets.

Tim, co/alr ? Iam slow sorry.

These may help you:

suitable for copper or aluminum. I believe it was the latest (1970s) version that provided the best connection. Should be stamped on the outlet.

If they have wire nuts thes also have to be rated for CU/AL connections.

Thanks for all the info!!! Your suggestions are appreciated.

The AU/CO rating will be located at the top or bottom of the switches or receptacles.

It may seem like CYA but whenever I come across a house with mostly aluminum branch wiring I recommend that ALL of the outlets and switches and light fixtures be inspected by a licensed electrician. I can’t take the time to (and we are certainly not required to) open every cover plate and light fixture to be sure that the correct type of connections have been made.

That isn’t a bad suggestion to put some kind or a statement that lets the client know that their is some kind of special requirements when it comes to aluminum wire. They most likely would have no idea that anything special is required when aluminum wire is involved.


that is to course of action that I recommend, there have been many different systems tried to repair Aluminum wiring and some (such as pigtailing with wire nuts) have not been very effective, the best fix appart from a full rewire appears to be the “COPALUM” compression type fittings.