Aluminum Wiring Clarification

Hello there! I am currently going through the Res. Electric Inspection module and have a question about Aluminum wiring. There is a section that has a diagram of all the wire gages, and two of the Aluminum wires (both of which are for 40 or 50 amp currents respectively) have this sequence on it…

4/4/4/6 AL SER

I have tried to research what it means, but have come up empty thus far. Thoughts?


Here is a spec sheet, hope that helps.

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Thank you!

As shown in David’s graphic the numbers represent the conductor size and the number of conductors. SER refers to service entrance cable with more than 3 conductors. (SEU would typically have 3 conductors). Some may have colored conductors or all black conductors with a colored tracer (Red, White) along the side to indicate which conductor it is, or bare for the EGC.

4/4/4/6 Al SER would breakdown like this:
Conductor 1-#4 AWG aluminum ungrounded conductor, black insulation
Conductor 2-#4 AWG aluminum ungrounded conductor, black insulation, red tracer
Conductor 3-#4 AWG aluminum neutral conductor, black insulation, white tracer
Conductor 4-#6 AWG aluminum equipment grounding conductor, bare


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#4AWG, #4AWG, #4AWG, #6AWG, Aluminum conductors, Type SE (service entrance), Style R (round)

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