Aluminum Wiring Inspector Needed

I need someone to inspect and give an cost estimate to a 1970 Aluminum wired house safe. How can I find someone qualified?

I would recommend a licensed electrical contractor or licensed electrician.

provide your city state province country location & a way of contact & post in the electric section

if you prefer email space the @ so spiders/bots don’t harvest & start spamming

Your location may be helpful…

How have you determined it is UNSAFE?

Being that you are not a home inspector or a licensed electrician, are you going off assumptions, stories that you have read, being mislead to tainted by others opinions or are you simply doing an inquire of your situation?

I am more than happy to explain the long and detained history of aluminum wiring if you are so interested. In fact, I have written many articles on the subject and are more than happy to send you some if you are so incline.

I am easy to find…Just Google me…:wink: