Aluminum wiring link typo

many have used this link for reports over the years

typo is on pg3
Based on these standards
, as of the date
of this publication, CPSC approves of only
three methods for a permanent repair.4

  1. Complete Replacement of CopperCable

do you notify client/cpsc of the typo to avoid confusion & liability for misinformation

Good catch Barry. :slight_smile:

Yes, they have it incorrect in the fist mention and correct in the second, as they explain more:

From site:

However, CPSC can recommend repair methods or products only where there is satisfactory,
documented evidence that the methods or
products meet the following criteria:

The method or product must be
safe and not increase the risk of fire or
other hazards.

The method or product must be
effective and successfully eliminate or
substantially mitigate the fire hazard.

The method or productmust affect a permanent repair. Methods or products designed to address temporary or emergency repair situations, but which may fail over time, are not considered permanent.
Based on these standards, as of the date of this publication, CPSC approves of only three methods for a permanent repair.
1)Complete Replacement of Copper
2) COPALUM Method of Repair
3)Acceptable Alternative Repair

Method/AlumiConn Connector
1)Complete Replacement with Copper Cable
Replacement of the aluminum branch circuit conductors with copper wire eliminates the primary cause of the potential hazards, the aluminum wire itself. Depending on
the architectural style of your home and the number and locations of unfinished spaces (e.g., basements and attics), it may be relatively easy for a qualified electrician
to rewire your home. A new copper wire branch circuit system would be installed, and the existing aluminum wire could be abandoned inside the walls. This is the best
method available; but for many homes, rewiring with copper is impractical and/or prohibitively expensive.