aluminum wiring

I had an inspection done by an nachi ceritified inspector. He did not list that I had aluminum wiring in the 4 pt inspection, however he did list it in the full inspection. Same inspector same day. My question is why would it be listed in one inspection and not the other? Obviously he new I had the Al wiring. As I understand it my home would not have been insurable had it been listed in the 4 pt inspection. What liability does the inspector have for such gross negligence?

Whether or not the inspector was required to call out the presence of aluminum wiring depends on the requirements of the insurer for whom the inspector was performing the inspection. If so (as is the case in most instances), it would appear that the inspector was negligent in not listing in on the 4-point. I’m not sure that it would meet the standard of “gross” negligence.

Most inspector’s contracts limit their liability to the amount paid for the inspection, but without seeing the contract in question, it would be hard to say.

As to why it was listed in one inspection and not the other, I think the person to ask is the inspector who did the inspection. Anyone else would just be guessing.

Not necessarily, as the inspection report clearly outlined AL wiring.

The 4 point report should reflect the type of wiring, Copper or Aluminum, it’s integral to the form.

Absent the specifics , the next logical question would be “what happened” after the 4 point was submitted to the carrier? Perhaps a revised 4 point report is needed.

Call the inspector and inquire why there is a difference. Perhaps all that is needed is a revised 4 point form, however, the underwriter may still have an issue with the AL wiring.

Some insurance carriers may write a policy with that wiring, while other carriers will not. Your home inspector is not there to represent the insurance carrier’s requirements, which are proprietary too each company.



Maybe there’s some confusion. I meant that it would be anyone’s guess as to why the AU was called out in the original report and not in the 4-point. Given the information provided by the OP, is there any way for us to know this?

Was the AL wiring in question single strand (small branch circuit) or multi-strand (large appliance circuit)?

bradley tove, I dont know if single or multi strand. The report where mentioned does not state. I know I have it at each outlet and light switch. It is also visible at the breaker box. I cant speak to appliances. I can ask the electrician when they come out to remediate next week