Always check the door

Good reminder to always check the garage door hardware before operating the door. She’s ready to snap!

According to an inspector on another thread, that is not necessary. Hit the button and let her fly. If it breaks, oh well! Failed while operating with normal controls.

A good reminder Troy, I operated a door today over a vintage Porsche undergoing renovation. I was very, very careful! :shock::wink:

Nice catch and good advice.

To each their own…but I prefer to catch a defect before it causes damaged. A lot less drama for everyone:)

Ya those scare me…I once asked an owner to remove his vintage corvette before I accessed the attic. I could fit my ladder but I didn’t want to risk dropping the cover or a screwdriver. He was more than willing to remove it when I explained why:)

Funny how that is.

Good reminder by the way.

Amen!! :smiley:

Absolutely agree. I always fully inspect all components of the door, hardware, track, etc. Have never had cause to regret this policy yet!

Thumbs up.

Yep, never hurts to check the components first.

I’d still be curious how the cable got there. It is supposed to be on the other side of the track to begin with.

When I am going around the exterior of the house I ask the owner or agent to please open the garage door. Solves the problem most of the time.

Marvin …

Excellant post. How its mostly done here.