Always look for the colorful Infrared Certified logo when seeking IR Camera training.

Do they need to take the green building course to use the logo?

Current requirements (subject to change) for professional designation and logo usage:

  1. You or your inspection company must own, lease or be renting an infrared camera.

  2. You must be a member in good standing of InterNACHI. Membership requirements are at:

  3. You must have taken InterNACHI’s free, online Green Building Course, taken all its quizzes, and passed its final exam. The Green Building Course is free and open to all at:

  4. You must have taken at least 16 hours (2 days) of continuing education devoted to infrared cameras/thermal imagery or building science (not including the mandatory green building course).

  5. You must sign and return the application/affidavit (below) to InterNACHI.



For Training see: