Alysse, our French translator, is scheduled to take the NY Bar Exam. Wish her luck.

Alysse is InterNACHI’s in-house French translator and patent attorney. She is scheduled to sit for the New York Bar in two and a half months. She is busy studying. Good luck Alysse!



No need to study all of those stale law books…just read a couple of Grisham’s novels and you’ll be fine.

Best of luck Alysse!

Good luck Alysse!

Good luck Alysse. Thanks for your service.

Good luck Alysse!
Welcome to the InterNachi family! :smiley:

InterNACHI staffer Alysse was my assistant on my 2013 Inspector Marketing Tour and does all InterNACHI’s French translations. She was born in France but has dual citizenship. She has two law degrees specializing in international patents. We’re really proud of her.

Both Beautiful and smart! :smiley:

Typical InterNACHI staffer.

I am sure that “Beautiful and Smart” applies to Lisa, Paige, Kate and the rest of your female staffers:p

I KNOW that “Smart” certainly applies to all female staffers plus… Chris, Ben, Kenton, Mark Cohen, Nikolai and the rest that I forgot to mention! However… I’m not sure about the “Beautiful” part;-):stuck_out_tongue:
{I am sure that their wives and girlfriends would disagree;-)}

PS: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of ALL of the InterNachi staff. Do you have any available?

Warmest regards, Frank

Any relation?

[quote=“mlarson, post:11, topic:86754”]

Any relation?


OH MA GAWD!!!:shock:…:p\:D/

If that don’t light your fire, your wood is wet. ;-):mrgreen:

Félicitations Alysse.

Good luck Alysse.

Bonne chance Alysse!

Yes, good luck, Alysse! :slight_smile: